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Team > Raphaël Charron-Chénier

Raphaël Charron-Chénier, Assistant Professor of Sociology and of Justice and Social Inquiry,
Arizona State University

Photo of Raphaël Charron-Chénier

Professor Charron-Chénier is a sociologist who studies racial inequality in the context of consumer markets. His extensive work on racial disparities in the student loan market have made him a foremost expert on predatory inclusion—the idea that marginalized borrowers and borrowers of color are offered particular credit products under subpar conditions that would not be offered to other communities.

Professor Charron-Chénier is using SLLI’s proprietary datasets to explore inequities in the quality of credit extended to student loan borrowers of color and document how those disparate lending patterns lead to disparate outcomes. Professor Charron-Chénier’s work provided policy makers with critical insights to help address systemic disparities in the notoriously opaque student loan market.

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