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The SBPC Emerging Scholars Program supports and elevates the research of young academics working on issues related to student loan debt and the student debt crisis. Leveraging the resources and networks of SBPC, the Emerging Scholars Program aims to help lay the foundation for the next generation of student debt researchers across disciplines and to produce high-quality, actionable research on the education financing market. 

SBPC Emerging Scholars enjoy access to student loan policy experts at the SBPC and beyond, access as desired to two proprietary datasets managed by the Student Loan Law Initiative, and grants of up to $5,000. Using these resources, SBPC Emerging Scholars produce at least one academic paper that can be submitted to a journal and/or used on the academic job market, as well as other materials.

SBPC Emerging Scholars need not be quantitative empiricists, and they may instead work in fields such as legal research. However, they must be in or have recently graduated from a graduate program such as a JD or PhD program. Applications for the Emerging Scholars program are rolling. More information is available here.

Meet the current scholars


Meredith Welch

Meredith is a Ph.D. Candidate at Cornell University in the Brooks School of Public Policy. She is an applied micro-economist studying issues in labor economics, the economics of education, and consumer finance. Her research focuses on three main threads: the effect of student loan debt on individuals’ labor market outcomes, financial health, and overall well-being; the interaction of higher education policy with social safety net programs; and understanding the causes and consequences of race and gender disparities in the labor market. Prior to graduate school, Meredith worked at the intersection of policy and research on higher education topics at the Education Trust and College Board. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Spanish from the University of Michigan. 

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Belisa Pang

Belisa Pang is a Ph.D. student at Yale School of Management and a J.D. student at Yale Law School. Her research includes student loan debt and bankruptcy. 

Emerging Scholars Program

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