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Christopher Marsicano, Professor, Davidson College

Photo of Chris Marsicano

Christopher R. Marsicano is an Assistant Professor of Educational Studies and Public Policy in the Educational Studies Department at Davidson College and the founding director of the College Crisis Initiative. His research interests include higher education policy and finance, politics and public opinion as related to equity in higher education, public management, and civic engagement.

Alongside Dr. Dan Fitzpatrick and Dr. Daniel Collier, Prof. Marsicano is using SLLI’s proprietary datasets to expand upon prior research into income-driven repayment. Specifically, this team will examine the traits of students likely to participate in IDR, taking into account recent policy reforms, and examine what financial behaviors and situations IDR enrollment influences in turn. As policymakers and regulators work to address the disconnect between the protections offered under federal law and the reality in borrower outcomes, this research sheds new light on how efforts can better assist America’s most vulnerable borrowers.

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