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Adam Goldstein, Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Photo of Adam Goldstein

Adam Goldstein is an Assistant Professor jointly appointed in the Department of Sociology and The Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. He currently holds the Ralph O. Glendinning University Preceptorship. Prior to coming to Princeton he earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of California at Berkeley and was a Robert Wood Johnson Post-Doctoral Scholar in Health Policy Research at Harvard. His areas of interest include economic sociology, organizations, and social stratification. His current research examines the social consequences of financial capitalism for institutions, households, organizations, and inequality in the United States.

Alongside Prof. Charlie Eaton, Prof. Laura Hamilton, and Prof. Frederick Wherry, Prof. Goldstein is engaging in several distinct projects using SLLI’s proprietary historical FFELP loan data, including examining the role of for-profit school ownership structures in borrower outcomes and studying the effectiveness of state solutions to predatory for-profit institutions, such as state grant eligibility, consumer disclosures, recruitment incentive bans, and enforcement actions. Moreover, these professors are using SLLI’s datasets to explore the role of the secondary student loan refinance market in exacerbating racial and social class inequalities. As for-profit institutions continue to saddle borrowers with tens of thousands of dollars in loans that they will struggle to repay, this research will reveal the most effective policy interventions that state and federal policymakers and regulators can use to increase oversight and accountability of these companies.

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