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The Nation's First Academic Center Focused Solely On Student Debt and the Law.

How Did We Get Here?

As the student loan market expanded over the past decade, borrowers have turned to the courts, regulators, and lawmakers to protect and expand their rights and to halt student loan industry abuses. Although well-intentioned, these efforts often faltered, lacking a solid foundation of rigorous analysis and comprehensive legal research.

At the same time, the burden of student indebtedness has spread, as growing numbers of students must borrow to pay for higher education in pursuit of their personal and professional ambitions. All of the implications of this borrowing, as well as the law, regulations, and policies to address it, are complex and often subtle.

So we thought, "enough is enough..."

That’s why the University of California partnered with the Student Borrower Protection Center in 2018 to launch the Student Loan Law Initiative (SLLI)—the nation’s first academic project focused on student debt and the law.

SLLI fosters the highest quality academic scholarship, provides grants for research, and builds the capacity of student loan experts to inform legislators and other policymakers as they shape the future of this marketplace.

Through its work, SLLI is developing key tools and knowledge policymakers and advocates can use to protect borrowers and tackle the student debt crisis.





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